• Personal & Business
  • Focus On Building Your Business, Your Way

    Genie Desk's genies give you the opportunity to free your time and work on building your business rather than in it. With less time spent on administration and additional time to spend on marketing and business development, you can grow at the rate you deserve.

  • Save Time and Increase Productivity

    Take the pressure of and give your time-consuming tasks to our genies. They're skilled in multiple areas and can assist with most wishes to increase your productivity.

  • Reduce Costs and Save Money

    A Genie Desk genie comes at a significantly reduced cost than a full-time employee. Save money by having your genie grant the wishes of your organisation from afar.

  • Reward Your Staff

    Why not give your staff Genie Desk time each month? Your personal genie can help with their administration while you take them out to lunch. It's great for staff retention and it's 100% tax deductible. Please contact us with any questions or for quotations.

  • Hire a PA-by-the-hour, how does it work?

    Asking a PA to do the things you don't want to do is easier than you think. Learn how you can simplify your life with Genie Desk.

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  • Hire a PA-by-the-hour, how much is it?

    We have the industry's most affordable top-up and subscription plans. Find out more about the plans available.

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  • Give THE GIFT

    The perfect gift for the time poor, give someone you know a few hours with a PA. Choose from blocks of time for every budget.

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    We can do lots of your admin. stuff that does not require physical presence. No request is too weird, try us (we dare you)!

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  • FAQ

    Is there something you're dying to know? See if your question is in our frequently asked questions.

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  • Offshore Recruitment Services

    Local reps. in the Philipphines and India means local prices and access to hidden talent pools for you.

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Genie Desk PAs-by-the-hour, how does it work?

So, what can we do for you?

  • at home
  • Vacation Planning

    "I have a family of three children and planning our annual holiday is always complicated. Genie Desk found me a range of accommodation options according to my budget and even booked them on my behalf."

    Cheryl Thompson, San Francisco
  • Personal Finance

    "Every year I dread tax time like everyone else. Genie Desk has helped me keep my receipts organised throughout the year by putting them into spreadsheets, which I can give to my accountant to work his magic."

    Andrew McLean, Melbourne
  • Domestic Activity

    "Between band practice, school sports and working full-time, I often struggle to find the time to do the weekly grocery shopping. I send Genie Desk the items we order online most regularly with any specific requests and they place our order for the week. It's great to have a "side kick" when you need one!"

    Laura Wadell, Bristol
  • Online Dating

    "My quest to find Mr. Right stalled when I moved cities for a new job. A bit unconventional perhaps...but I gave the guys at Genie Desk specifics — height, age, desired profession — and even showed her photos of some of my exes so she understood my type. Now I have several dates with eligible bachelors without having to trawl through pages of potentials myself."

    Karen S., Hong Kong
  • Wedding Planning

    "Finding the perfect venue for our wedding was a task my now husband and I struggled to agree upon until Genie Desk helped us out. They researched popular wedding blogs and function venue sites to find us the most picturesque winery easily accessible by our family and friends."

    Beth R., Seattle
  • Competitor Research

    "As a small business of five, it's impossible to be on top of what our competitors do globally. Unfortunately, competitor research used to eat into my weekends until Genie Desk helped out. We collaborated around the competitor types and information to capture, then automated the process. Genie Desk now make sure that any new competitors are added and that the relevant information is up to date every month. All of a sudden, we're proactive and not reactive."

    Joseph Caroll, Brisbane
  • Supplier Quote Management

    "Traditionally in my industry, we used to rely on local suppliers since we didn't have the bandwidth to engage suppliers overseas for quoting. We knew that there were better deals to be had out there but who's got time to find and contact 20 Chinese factories...let alone who to contact at each factory for a quote considering time zones etc. Now Genie Desk puts lists together with an understanding of what we are looking for. With the quotes we're getting, it's actually paying for itself!"

    Peti L., London
  • Offshore Talent Acquisition

    "Previously, we used to give all of our company's recruitment requirements to an external agency, and while they were effective, it came at significant cost to our business. Now we use a combination of Genie Desk's pay-per-the-hour lifestyle support plans for ad-hoc admin. needs and their recruitment services for anything from web developers to SEO resources. It's saving us thousands every month."

    Robert Jayda, Sydney
  • Meeting & Appointment Setting

    "With many of our sales consultants on the road, we've needed a central point of contact to provide support and coordinate their movements. Genie Desk is there to respond and provide support to our team, no matter where they are."

    Kimberley Lebrand, Boston
  • Travel Services

    "I often travel interstate and internationally, but as a vegetarian, I struggle to find options when on the road. Genie Desk has found the best restaurants in each city I travel to, made reservations on my behalf and has helped me stay healthy."

    Willis C., Portland
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